Adultery dating service ashley madison

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Many women were seeking more freedom to live their lives the way they chose, and an affair with another man (or a woman) was that step to freedom and excitement.Cheating wives are not just a 21 century phenomena.But it was common for upper class married women and any unexpected children to be welcomed into the family fold.It was also common for married and unmarried men to seek out the company of prostitutes. They were punished by society for their boldness, their independence and their spirit.

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Intimate relationships were encouraged, and pre-marital sex and extramarital affairs was not judged.

Married men were free to pursue other women and still remain married, as their wives were not allowed to divorce them.

On the other hand when lonely wives had an affair, their husbands could divorce them, question the paternity of the children, and tarnish their reputations.

Deception benefits individuals in many species; some common forms include mimicry, camouflage, cuckoldry, and bluffing. Struggles over food, space, mating, especially when any or all are in short supply, can quickly turn nasty.

Paleolithic humans and early indigenous cultures were promiscuous, and this can be tagged to their survival.

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