Americans dating british women

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She also claims many had ‘disgusting’ smoking habits, as well as excessive drinking habits.

“Our goal is to increase the number of men on the website and double our revenue in the next 12 months,” Ben said.The idea came to them at their wedding, when seven of Becca’s friends (all American women) started romances with seven of Ben’s friends (all British men).Clearly, something magical was happening to attract these types of singles to one another.‘I noticed a lot of the Brits I was talking to were drinking every single day.’ That’s when it hit her: there was ‘no way’ she’d find a British man ‘who didn’t drink drink every single day’ – and the rest is history.Thankfully her American husband, who works as a medical researcher, has ‘perfect teeth’ with an ‘athletic’ frame and ‘crystal blue eyes’. The pair have two children together, including their three-month-old son, Xavier, and two-year-old daughter, Miracle.

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