An error occurred validating the cluster security descriptor

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These types of configurations make it easy for an engineer to mistype the name of a field, use a string where an integer was required, or make other simple errors.These kinds of straightforward errors are best caught using static validation.A structured format (for example, at Facebook we use Thrift) can provide the most basic validation.It is not unreasonable, however, to write programmatic validation to validate more detailed requirements.• Run a canary.First deploying your configuration to a small scope of your service can prevent a change from being disastrous. The most obvious is an A/B test, such as launching a new configuration to only 1 percent of users.Multiple A/B tests can be run concurrently, and you can use data over time to track metrics.It’s also perhaps important to state upfront that none of the forms of testing described here is Testing configuration changes with the same rigor as code changes is something I’ve rarely seen done.

an error occurred validating the cluster security descriptor-31

We use a number of practices to prevent configuration changes from causing failure.• Make everybody use a common configuration system.As to what traffic is directed at the canary is determined by a variety of factors.At several companies, the canaries first only get internal user traffic (also known as dogfooding).We monitor these servers for a short amount of time to ensure that they do not crash or have other highly visible problems.This mechanism provides a basic “sanity check” on all changes to ensure that they do not cause widespread failure.• Hold on to good configurations.

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