Antidating dentist and patient dating

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Anti-dating apps are helping modern daters heal after heartbreak.

“If you don’t have a strong social network and disposable income, [a breakup] is an incredibly derailing process,” said Onward cofounder and COO Mika Leonard.

“When we first talked about a dating app, Tinder hadn’t launched and the only mobile dating apps we knew about were the gay ones like Grindr.

We knew girls wouldn’t want to be viewable on a map so came up with the idea of an asymmetric experience for guys and girls,” says co-founder Mo Saha.

The latest numbers show that 18 million unmarried adults in the US were living with a romantic partner as of 2016, up 29% from 2007, according to Pew Research.

“Folks who are leaving cohabitation have all of the complex messiness of a divorce, without anyone sort of guiding them through that process,” Onward cofounder and CEO Lindsay Meck told Fast Company.

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