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To announce her newfound love, Grande posted an adorable photo of herself and Davidson to Instagram, in which he’s holding her from behind and kissing her temple.The picture was captioned, “I thought you into my life.” She even wrote a song about him entitled Of course, the couple vehemently denied those rumors initially, but then started dating about three years later anyway!Given Ariana Grande’s dating history and he recent breakup with long-time beau Mac Miller, the news came as quite the shock.People are still asking, “Who is Ariana Grande dating?They made such great music together that fans were really shipping them hard!This was a couple people wanted to see get together!Of course, there are quite a few other men she’s been spotted hanging out with over the years, but these are the main ones that are worth mentioning.

In the beginning, this relationship was speculated to simply be a rumor because of the fact that both Grande and Davidson had just gotten out of other relationships just a few days before announcing that they were dating.While it may seem like Ariana Grande’s dating history is a complicated one, there is no one happier to take her off the market than her new fiancé!Pete Davidson appeared on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week to discuss his sudden proposal, and he was a coy and hilarious as usual.They officially started dating in August 2016 and went strong until their eventual heartbreaking breakup in May 2018.One of the reasons cited for their breakup was that Mac allegedly had drinking problems and Ari didn’t want to stick around for that..

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