Are kiki and shout dating

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She didn't want to be rejected by him and ruin their friendship.

What would happen to the Fresh Beats if she did that?

She loved to sing but she never got too many solos in that area since Kiki was overly talented.

She didn't have anything against Kiki, she just wished that she would be able to lead their ensemble more."Psst!

I use my 2 year old as an excuse to watch the show.

This is my take on how actual high school students would act around each other…

About me: Ok maybe I am fine with SOME dirty things.

If I don't reply I'm sorry, I'm a busy person and there are a lot of people!

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Nobody knew how she really felt about him and she wasn't about to shout it from the roof tops.

She would have a drum solo again, which she hadn't done since they performed "Stomp the House".

She and Twist had been working tirelessly throughout the week working on the performance which was going to be full of rhythm and rapping.

For a long time, she saw Twist and Shout as brothers.

She could go to them and talk to them and really be herself, but over the past few months she came to realize that Twist was more than that to her. He was a goofball, yes but he was also kind and underneath all his jokes and weird comments, he was intelligent and talented and knew just how to make her feel special when no one else could. His eyes were a gorgeous dark blue and his smile could make anyone's day… All the girls wanted to be with him but he was always coming up with excuses not go on dates with them.

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