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However we are often able to take additional bookings that do not effect the balance of numbers - eg two men and two women.

Once each event is confirmed you will be able to go to our secure server to pay by credit/debit card.

Are you depressed because you and your partner can’t agree on your financial goals?

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by credit card or student loan debt that you can’t pay off.

Are you on the right road, or do you need help avoiding debt problems?

If your marriage is causing money problems, then you need to try new and different solutions.

Money doesn’t have to be the most stressful issue in your marriage.That is, if talking about money only leads to arguments, then you might schedule an appointment with a financial advisor or counselor who can give you money advice.Are you frustrated because you and your partner have different money personalities — perhaps you’re a saver and he’s a spender?If you’re emotional about money — and most people are — then you need to work together as a married couple to stay rational and level headed.This is one of the most difficult bits of money advice to remember, especially when you’re fighting about finances!

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