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I love how you take on tattooing as a true art form. had a wee look at ur paintings and i really liked it. luv mgt (scotland)hi les i am interested in becoming a tattoo artist im pretty handy with pens and pencils but will this translate to tattoos?

i paint myself so i love looking at other art work.

I have a particular design in my head, but with your experience and knowledge i think i can do with the advice.

Thanks in advance look forward to hearing from you.

Tattooing makes multiple punctures in the skin introducing far more of the substance into the blood stream. Please DO NOT use topical anaesthetic creams before you are tattooed.

Besides, if you can't handle it, you don't deserve it.

Hey Les, just thought i would have to tell how amazing the turtle you did for me turned out its really come to life now its healed.. Hey Les, I just have to say thanks heaps for doing your Pegasus for me. Cheers, Paul Hey Les, I was lucky enough to be tattooed by you at Chameleon earlier this year and heard you were coming back.

You are a master of both your arts and i look forward to working with you again as soon as possible. Its a great work of art and I'm really proud to be wearing it. Would love another tattoo by u so could u send me ur e-mail, cant access it though the site! I'm having trouble trying to send yourself and email.

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It's a picture of my brother, and i would like to get your insight as to what would be the best design to go with.Whilst tattooing has it's own unique sensation, many people compare it to waxing or a cat scratch. Whilst it is an effective way of reducing your discomfort during procedures such as body-piercing, EMLA and similar products are PHARMACY ONLY medicines.This means we are not licensed to sell or use these products in our service.Your new tattoo will be applied to the highest standards of hygiene.It will take approximately two weeks to completely heal, in which time it requires some simple but important care on your part.

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