Becky buckwild and frank entertainer dating

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In the vault, all but Buckwild, vote Leilene into the box, which hurts Leilene to know Buddha betrayed her.

Onix is voted into the box also, and when Buckwild gets voted in, she flips out, hoping to stall, but doesn't run out of time, and the decision is final by the team.

Before the power outing, Buckwild and Saaphyri tell Leilene if she quits the game, the Green Team will have to go back into the vault and vote somebody else into the box, which she's certain will be Buddha.

Leilene tearfully agrees to do so, agreeing on a pinky swear saying their friendship is more important to her than winning the money.

It and Bonez fight, with Bonez winning a point for the Green Team.

T-Weed and 20 Pack fight each other, with 20 Pack knocking T-Weed out of the ring and falls into the water, thus another point went to the Gold Team.

T-Weed picks Onix, Bonez, Myammee, Buckwild, Milf, Buddha, and Ice.

The challenge was called the Mud Pit, where each contestant would have one minute to swim in the mud and find as many gold coins within in the time limit.

While introducing himself to the contestants, Craig notes that both The Entertainer and Heat were from last season and that Entertainer actually voted off Heat.

While Entertainer denies it saying that was his team's decision, they decide to put it behind them and form an alliance.

Back at the house, Heat talks to Leilene into quitting, with Leilene still undecided with what she wants to do.

At elimination, Heat gives the first check to Buckwild.

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