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It has long ago been observed that certain features of the Joseph Story fit well in the 12 Dynasty.A survey of some of these might be helpful.[7] Supporters of a 12th Dynasty date for the Joseph Story begin their arguments with a strict literal acceptance of the Biblical chronology of the Exodus and Sojourn. 1446 BC, and Exodus is seen as placing the entrance of Jacob and his family into an Egypt where Joseph holds high office under the reign of Sesostris III, ca. Joseph's career as an Egyptian governmental official would thus begin under Sesostris II and would continue into the reign of Sesostris III.

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This region is now the accepted location of the Biblical city of Ramses and the earlier Hyksos capital of Avaris.

It should be observed, however, that the Hyksos did not in any way suppress the worship of Re, the sun god of On.

Also, proponents of a 12th Dynasty date for Joseph argue that when Joseph is called from prison to meet Pharaoh in Genesis , he has to shave and put on clean clothing.

Joseph's servitude thus fits the pattern for the Middle Kingdom period of Egyptian history.

Our purpose here, assuming a 12th Dynasty date for Joseph to be most in accord with the Scriptural chronology, is to examine what new evidence there may be that would both support and further illustrate a career for Joseph in the Middle Kingdom.

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