Bind9 dns zone not updating

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masters-list may be used to reference a list of servers (slaves) defined in a masters clause each of which will be sent a NOTIFY.The key-name field defines the key to be used to authenticate the NOTIFY when using TSIG and references the name of a key clause; a corresponding key clause with the same key-name must be present in the slave server(s) for the zone.Just imagine how hard would it be to remember IP addresses of all these website, if these names for not in use.So, how does these name translate into IP addresses, that’s because of DNS servers., is most widely used Open source software that implements DNS protocols for internet, which provides us ability to implement IP to domain name conversion & vice-versa .While on its face this may seem an excessively friendly default, DNS data is essentially public (that's why its there) and the bad guys can get all of it anyway.

In similar way, every website on internet has a IP address associated to it but we normally don’t use those IP addresses to access the website rather we use a name like or Note:- Before we move to configuration, make sure that you are able to ping your server by hostname.If not, open your /etc/hosts file & make following entry Here, ‘’ is the Domain name, ‘master’ is the Primary DNS, fwd.db is the Forward lookup file, ‘allow-update’ will be none, its the primary DNS.The gp-num parameter changes the port number used for NOTIFY for all the listed servers (the default is port 53).The p-num parameter changes the port number for the specific IP address only.

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