Boa jaejoong dating

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He is strong in his singing, dancing, and directing abilities and also in drinking.

He was just so honest, more than he seemed (from his appearance upon first meeting).

But what good comes of it if I hide things like this?(laugh)”As soon as those words fell, all around us there was chaos, saying that he shouldn’t say such things.It was that it will become published and it will be troublesome.– He owns Cafe J-Holic, Coffee Cojjee (Samsung-dong), Japanese restaurant chain Bum’s Story owned together with Park Yoochun, Holic-J Bar (Gangnam), he’s the CEO and designer of the luxury clothing shop MOLDIR (Cheongdam-dong), he’s the Ceo of KAVE mall (Shibuya) – Jaejoon’s ideal type: “ Codename: Jackal (Jakalyi Onda) – 2012 – Singer Choi Hyun Postman to Heaven (Cheongukui Woopyeonbaedalbu) – 2009 – Jae-Joon Dating on Earth (Chigu eso ione tchung) – 2009 – Jaejoong Dance Subaru (Subaru) – 2009 (cameo) Manhole (KBS2 / 2017) – Bong-Pil Spy (Seupai) – 2015 (KBS2) – Kim Sun-Woo Triangle (Teuraiaenggeul) – 2014 (MBC) – Heo Young-Dal / Jang Dong-Cheol (second brother) Dr. Before there were rumors that Bo A and Micky Yoochun from t VXQ were dating but it was never confirmed :] Now there are rumors of Bo A and jae Joong dating, Jaejoong denies it. The reason why they denied cuz they don't want to lose fans.

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