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It has been a year of many great and not so great things. And I told my family (parents, sister, brother-in-law) - pretty big steps for a girl who wouldn't admit it to herself for years. This year I finally came to terms with myself - with my sexuality.The site publishes entertainment news, interviews, and reviews; covers lifestyle issues and topics regarding the lesbian/bi community from a feminist perspective; and the political climate as it pertains to the community.After Ellen is not affiliated with entertainer Ellen De Generes, although its name refers to De Generes's coming out; specifically when her character came out in "The Puppy Episode" (1997) from the ABC sitcom Ellen.Happily married couples Bridget Mc Manus & Karman Kregloe (formerly of and Cat Davis & Kristen Smith encourage you to play along as they share their opinions on everything from keeping old sex tapes with your exes to how to tell your wife she’s had a little too much to drink.It’s kind of like The View, but a lot gayer, and it’s thoroughly enjoyable to spend time with each of these four women.And although I have yet to experience the physical part of being with a woman - I know that it's for me. Further more 2008 was the year I got to 'know' a whole bunch of people on You Tube, After Ellen, Blogger/Blogspot, My Space, Twitter, Facebook... And I think they are part of the reason I finally came out - both to myself but also to my nearest family.

Season 3 comes out on June 3rd, but in the meantime… My parents did not enjoy me rolling around in bed with somebody. If your in-laws say something offensive on facebook, do you defend them? It’s like: Ugh, I don’t want to curse out my in-laws, but I also don’t want them to write something negative that’s going to affect other people. These are things that you deal with in any relationship.In the words of a much 'hated' singer this year: "That's not what good girls do". Dwight (Kreg) Kregloe, age 75, of Blacksburg, Virginia, died on Friday, Feb. He was born July 16, 1942 and was employed with Virginia Tech for 29 years.Mc Manus wanted to see a show with openly gay women having relationships where their sexuality isn’t the issue so she created Maybelle. When told some actors drink before kissing on-screen to calm their nerves, Mc Manus said they both found that to be kind of unprofessional. And loud at kissing.“I’ve done all comedy for ten years,” Mc Manus said, who went to school for drama. Since we have similar backgrounds we could fall into it together.”Maybelle marks the fourth scripted project for Tello that Mc Manus has been a part of.She chose to set the series in Virginia because that’s where her wife of seven years, Karman Kregloe, is from.“As a writer, you don’t wait to get hired, you hire yourself,” Mc Manus said. Tello creates web series specifically for the lesbian/queer community because they “love lesbians and don’t feel there are enough of them.” “I just love it,” she said.

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