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If you switch from monthly to annual billing, your next billing date will change to a year from the time the change was made, and a payment will be attempted for the amount owed.

For example, if you paid for the Basic Monthly Plan on June 1 2018 and switched to the Basic Annual Plan on June 6 2018, your next billing date would become June 6 2019.

Pro-rata remaining days = 0.5 (15/30) Credit for unused higher-priced plan = (30 * 0.5) Debit for remaining lower-priced plan = (10 * 0.5) Amount Applied As Credit = (15 - 5) On July 1st (your next billing date), the pro-rated credit will be applied due () will be added to the cost of the new plan () and you won't be charged for this month.

All purchases are deemed final at the point of sale.

In addition, you would be charged (0 - (( - (/30 * 6)))) immediately.

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Such decisions are handled on a case-by-case basis.If this happens to you, you can upgrade your plan and they will be able to join.We do not automatically upgrade you to the next plan.You can choose to upgrade your plan, or you can wait until some users leave the chat to allow new users to join.If your chat reaches the bandwidth limit for file sharing (e.g.) 10 GB on the free plan, users will no longer be able to share files on your chat. You can choose to upgrade to the next plan to get additional bandwidth, or wait until the next month for the bandwidth used to reset.

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