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Tweens and teens need to know early on that any interaction made on the Internet can impact their futures.

3.) You may want to prohibit your teen from using any websites that encourage video chatting with strangers.

1.) Most experts will recommend that your teenager does not have free access to the Internet at all times.

You may want to collect their laptops and phones at night, permitting video chatting only during specific times.

t Addicts: How to Tell If Your Teenager is Addicted to the Internet Harvard Medical School's Computer-Addiction Services identifies the following Internet addiction symptoms: Behavioral symptoms APA Reference Tracy, N. Internet Addicts: Is Your Teen Addicted to the Internet?

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The Internet has made this challenge even more difficult.

The engaging nature of Internet communications and interactive games means many children and teenagers have trouble keeping track of time when they're online (a key sign they may be addicted to the Internet.) Unfortunately, parents and teachers are usually not aware that there is a problem until it becomes serious.

This is because it is easy to hide what you are doing online and because Internet addiction is not widely recognized by the medical community.

(Mental health practitioners continue to debate whether this behavior is an "addiction," with some preferring to identify it as "compulsive behavior.") Children and young people can easily become 'hooked' on online activities such as multi-player games, instant messaging, pornography and chat rooms.

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