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I went out with one woman just for a movie and a cup of coffee: no romance, no deep soul baring talks, no physical contact, just a movie.I was the leader of the singles group and we held the Bible study in my home.No doubt if you are a serious Christian, or you adhere to a particular Christian denomination, you will want to meet people of a similar Christian faith and belief.Whilst Indian matchmakers for instance have been around for years and never really carried the stigma that western dating agencies and match making services had until recently, we westerner Christians attached to dating and singles services - or as they used to be known personal - the stigma thankfully no longer exists.Jennifer My "love" life as a single Christian woman has been full of disappointments.

Since the Internets beginning it became obvious that matchmakers could fairly easily be set up online - and that the Internet was in fact the perfect medium for people to meet in a non-threatening and non-pressure environment. From what was in the early 90's mabe 2-3 major players, we now have hundreds - thousands of serious Internet singles services that cater for every niche group you can imagine - Christians being one of them!I could tell you how to publish a book from start to finish, but couldn't even tell you how it felt to hold hands with a guy.Two months before I turned 23, I started dating a really nice guy who'd become a good friend of mine.I basically quit dating because the women I went out with had such high expectations that asking them out on a date seemed basically the same (in their minds) as asking them to go steady.After going out on one date, things would get really weird and eventually I'd have to have "The Talk" with them, and I'd have to let them know I wasn't planning our future together.

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