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Here, then, are the most iconic comic book sound effects of all-time.One of the most famous words in all of comics is "Shazam," the magic word used by Billy Batson to transform into the World's Mightiest Mortal, Captain Marvel.The "Fourth World" titles introduced a number of fascinating ideas, including the Mother Box, the sort of super-computer that was paired with all of the beings of New Genesis.It was essentially a living being who performed all kinds of functions for its owners, including repairing injuries.One of the things about comic books that is unique to comics is the humble sound effect.Obviously, films and TV shows are filled with sound effects and novels have described sounds for centuries, but comic books are unique because they're the only form of media where sound effects are written out as a distinct aspect of the story.

This time, it was through special nega-bands that Rick would clang together to trigger a switch with Captain Marvel. He was the leading force behind the creation of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

By the time he investigates the murder of his former superhero colleague, the Comedian, in "Watchmen" #1, he barely communicates with people, and his verbal tics, like "Hurm," are pronounced.

When Walter Simonson took over writing and drawing duties on "Thor," he made sure to make his first issue ("Thor" #337) very memorable.

His solution was to create the Scourge of the Underworld, a mysterious master of disguise who would go around the Marvel Universe killing off the lesser-known supervillains in the pages of many of Marvel's comic books of 19.

This would lead to him being discovered by Captain America and defeated, but not before he would kill off dozens of "useless" supervillains.

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