Cpanel email quota not updating

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If your c Panel has exceeded its disk quota, this can also prevent you from receiving email.

If your incoming email used to work and suddenly stopped working, the issue is probably one of the following: Each email account is created with a set quota, which is the amount of disk space allotted to a particular email address for email storage.

All the notification mails from the server and the mails to the accounts which doesn’t exist goes there if catch-all feature is enabled.

Go to ‘mail’ directory present in your home directory as shown in the screenshot below.

To resolve this, you will need to increase the amount of disk space for that email account to receive mail again.

Alternately, you can delete email in the email account until it is below the email quota.

rm -rf cur/* rm -rf new/* Also remove or rename the file ‘maildirsize’ for manually updating the quota.

This file will be created again with updated mail quota.

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