Craig ferguson dating

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Tune in on any given night of his Late Late Show tenure—on which you might have seen, say, a gay robot skeleton sidekick named Geoff dancing along with Ferguson and a pantomime horse—and you got a sense of his madcap rebel streak.Rewatch his poignant 2007 monologue recounting his history of alcoholism and journey to sobriety, which culminates in a pledge not to ridicule Britney Spears at the height of her shaved-head meltdown.Awkward pauses that celebrity guests tend to ask for emphatically.The theater in which the event took place could easily be described as "quaint." It was certainly smaller than the studio in which Ferguson tapes , though to be fair, those tickets are free.Second time was to Sascha Corwin with whom he fathered a child, a son born in 2001.

But he may not remember to get to the punchline, because he's distracted by hysterical thoughts of fatherhood, Helen ...

Craig Ferguson and Megan Wallace-Cunningham have been dating since 2005.

The marriage took place during the holidays at Megan Wallace-Cunningham’s parent’s farm in Vermont on December 21, 2008. A happy Ferguson also shared the happy news on the show, you can watch his announcement from the show here. Megan became a momma to a boy named Liam James, who was born 31 January 2011.

Meet Megan Wallace Cunningham, she is the lovely wife of CBS latenight host, Craig Ferguson.

Her husband has thrown a bomb to all the Late Late Show fans announcing he will leave the CBS show at the end of 2014 after a ten-year-run!

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