Dabrat dating

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Rapper Da Brat and Mariah first met in 1995, while working on the “Always Be My Baby” remix and stayed good friends ever since.The rapper recalls meeting Carey for the first time, “I felt like she was just like me, but she had to keep it shielded.So Da Brat celebrated her birthday in Atlanta and had quite some questionable guest in attendance. The lady pictured above is rumored to be her girlfriend and didnt leave her side the whole night. We’re both Aries and both like to have fun that’s why we say we’re eternally 12, because we’re kids.She was so down to earth, but her circumstances didn’t allow her to do things.According to Da Brat, Mariah Carey’s and Tommy Mottola’s marriage wasn’t all roses since the singer was under constant surveillance.

Her parents David Ray Mc Coy, a Chicago businessman and Nadine Brewer, a Chicago city bus driver, were never married.She wanted to do the things I did and talk the way I talked.She was signed to Sony and had this reputation to uphold of being a diva. She was living through me and we became the best of friends.Now that Benzino and Althea are no longer on the set, Bravo now has room and budget to bring on old-school rapper Da Brat and her girlfriend, reports Sandra I feel like I hear the same conversation whenever certain names come up…Latifah…and Ricky Martin…and Kevin Spacey…and Jaheim…and Missy Elliott…and all the male contestants of “I Love New York”…and Anderson Cooper (well, that was actually a new one for me but apparently everyone says its true)…Da Brat.

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