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She is a much sought-after international speaker, having lectured in the U. K., Central America, South America, South Africa and Israel, including featured talks at Yale, Brown and Penn. Follow Lori on Twitter: @Lori Almost Live I have to pay a Shiva call this week.

For most of my life I knew precious little about how to pay a Shiva call.

On a separate note, my father ZT"L, was nifter in 1994 and I still have people telling me how much they miss him and how wonderful he was to them in various crisis in their lives.

So, I feel like he is still with us in so many ways!

My husband lost his brother after Purim and I was amazed at how many times my sister-in-law went through the whole story of hiss illness and Petirah!

However, she seemed to find it cathartic although I don't know whether the children did.

If you see another visitor you want to catch up with,finish your visit & go outside to talk.

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Those who wrote about the importance of maintaining contact with the family after the shiva hit the nail on the head.they take it seriously to say a bracha over food in the Shiva house as a merit for the Neshama of the deceased.also, the 2 times I sat shiva I was VERY appreciative of people who sent a short note of condolence during or after shiva, espeicially if they were able to share a quick memory about the departed loved one.Over the last several years I have gone to the Shiva homes of my community members because I feel it is important to do.The aish articles have provided an excellent framework.

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