Dating and marriage in japan dating website for sea captains

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As Japanese parents stop having sex regularly after their children are born, that is rarely a problem.When they do want to have sex, they may find a baby sitter and go to a love hotel - a concept that arose in Japan due to the very nature of sleeping arrangements in Japanese families combined with the constraint space of modern housing in big cities.The romantic ideal of marriage is what motivated gay and lesbian people in Western countries to fight to their right to get married.Marriage in the West is first and foremost a way to formally recognize the loving bond between two people.The only drawback I can think of is the independence factor.

But this is actually the default situation in most non-Western cultures, and most of the world population seems to be alright with it.Even in love marriages, once a woman has a baby, her husband regards her as a mother, not a woman anymore, which means their sexual life typically comes to an end.The new mother is said to lose completely interest in her husband anyway (this may not be true for international couples, from what I have heard).It also appears that Westerners, whatever the country, from Europe to America or Australia have comparable opinions on these issues.Needless to say that this is a personal (thus subjective) point of view, based on my experience and knowledge only, and concentrate on the most common attitude encountered in the people of each country, and exceptions are numerous.

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