Dating and marriage in tanzania

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In Tanzania, the law states that if a man and a woman co-habitate for three months or more, they are legally married. Their future daughter-in-law is a member of the same religion.

She shares a similar education level and socio-economic rank as her husband, which is quite important in conservative Tanzanian culture.

The Court’s ruling comes after the introduction of tougher punishment – up to 30 years in prison – for men who marry schoolgirls or get them pregnant.

Instead of stigmatising local communities, we must continue working with them to try to change attitudes towards child marriage and produce lasting change.Unlike in the United States, there is very little stigma attached to this decision, as long as there is a plan in place to pay the dowry.Once a man is able to pay off the dowry, the union can be officially blessed by the women's parents.this ruling sends a clear message neither religion nor custom can be used as an excuse to violate childrens’ rights.” The precedent-setting case was launched by Rebeca Gyumi, who is the director and founder of the Msichana Initiative.The organisation advocates for the rights of women and girls, claiming that the persistence of child marriage is a threat to an already vulnerable group in society: “Allowing parents to marry off their daughters before they are eighteen hinders girls’ ability to finish their education.

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