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” (2015), researchers Fong and Mar demonstrated the social consequences of strategic avatar selection.[i]In seeking to discover how people form impressions of others based on their avatars, they discovered that some traits are easier than others to assess through avatar selection.

They found that normative and agreeable people created avatars that generated a greater desire for friendship from other people.

Some social media users are inundated with friend and connection requests.

Others are rarely contacted, despite a robust social media presence. For people not using their real photo, the answer is the appearance of their avatar.

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Consistent with this research, they found that avatars with accessories that blocked the face, such as sunglasses and hats, were perceived as having lower friendship intentions.

It has everything you want in it, Chat rooms, people, clothes, etc.

You invite your loved one over and you can’t go to bed in private, you can’t kiss, you can’t even hold hands.

(Most of the time thats why people use the penthouse, to do things in private that you can’t do in the rooms because people interrupt.) I suggest you add more couple poses and more things to the penthouse.

Fong and Mar speculated that perhaps the common denominator between the sweater and a friendly facial expression is the perception of warmth.

Many people would not choose an avatar wearing a sweater, to avoid looking older, or like Mister Rogers--for those of you old enough to remember the children´s show.

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