Dating chinese men

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Young people in China today expect more from marriage than people did in the past.“Emotional support, intimacy, intellectual enrichment, sharing the pressures of life,” rattles off NYU Shanghai academic Li Xuan when asked what people are looking for.According to journalist and scholar Leta Hong Fincher, more young people now are resisting marriage — especially women, who she says have more to lose through the patriarchal institution that often leaves them “beholden to a man and his family.”Even conservatives admit that marriage is going through a crisis of faith, complaining that it is increasingly undermined by scam marriages, sham divorces, and dating hoaxes. Marriage is a matter of political interest for the Chinese government, as it fights to raise birth rates and revive “family values” in the face of an aging crisis.In 2016, it introduced the two-child policy, relaxing decades of family planning controls.Yang fancied that his chances of finding a partner would be better across the border.Demography is a major source of worry for China’s policymakers: The country’s population is too old and too male.The Bachelors Going South SHAANXI, Northwest China — In some parts of the Chinese countryside, or so the story goes, a single man must be in the possession of a small fortune if he is in want of a wife.

Just a few weeks after Yang arrived in Laos in February 2016, a chef at the construction site introduced him to Thiou — who, like many Laotians, only has one name. “I thought she seemed understanding and sincere,” he tells Sixth Tone.

Nearly 4.2 million couples divorced in 2016, an increase of 8.3 percent from the previous year and more than 14 times the number in 1980.

And while many still meet their spouse through matchmaking, more and more people — young and old — are connecting online and dating or cohabiting.

Thiou, on the other hand, is laconic in her halting Chinese.

Her first impression of Yang, she says, was that he was just “all right.” But after just a few weeks, she agreed to marry him and move to China.

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