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If anything, this suggests that the feast of Sol Invictus was set on that date to compete with a Christian holiday rather than the other way around.

(The same is true for our sources for Mithras worship: they all post-date Constantine’s conversion and the dating of Christmas, so whatever influence there was most likely flowed from Christianity to Mithras worship rather than from Mithras worship to Christianity.) Although a few early Christian writers noted a connection between the solstice and Jesus’ birth, none make any connection to pagan myths, which is surprising if that was the point of the date.

In the East, 14 Nisan was converted to 14 Artemisios, the first month of Spring in the local Calendar.

In the Roman calendar, this is April 6, which then became the date of the feast of the Annunciation in the East.

The birthday of Sol Invictus seems to have been celebrated on December 25, but the earliest source for this date comes from a calendar from the year 354, and even here the evidence is ambiguous.

No contemporary evidence suggests that Saturnalia or the birth of sun gods had anything to do with the date of Christmas.This led to Christmas being celebrated nine months later on January 6.Jewish Influences The idea that there is a connection between Jesus’ conception and death probably came not from paganism, but from Judaism.In the mid-fourth century, either December 25 in the West or January 6 in the East emerged as the consensus dates for celebrating Jesus’ nativity. The date of Christmas is connected to the date of Good Friday.Jesus died on 14 Nisan in the Jewish lunar calendar; the second-century church father Tertullian converted this to March 25 in the Roman solar calendar.

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