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Vessels of this size were considered 'great ships' by contemporary standards and were typically used for the long-distance trade between Britain, Biscay and southern Iberia.

Dendrochronology has given a likely felling date of 1449 for the majority of the timbers.

However, efforts were made to drain, pump out and right the ship, and when these failed attention turned to salvaging the accessible timber and iron (for reuse), along with removing larger items such as anchors, guns and rigging.

The salvaging of the vessel involved hacking at the upper works with axes and removing substantial amounts of the lapstrake planking, framing and internal timbers.

The River Usk has a large tidal range and it appears that the vessel was deballasted and carefully floated into a side channel or pill on a very high tide and then situated on a pre-erected cradle made of oak and elm logs.

The ship appears to have been undergoing a major refit, as evidenced by the shaping and inserting of British-grown timber (dating to after 1465) into the vessel.

Nails and trenails have not been used in this ship to secure frames to keel.

Hair from horse, cow, sheep and goat has all been identified in the Newport ship.

However, before this repair work could be completed, the cradle appears to have collapsed, with the ship heeling over onto its starboard side.

The subsequent incoming tides appear to have flooded the vessel with silt and water.

The excellent condition of the ship's timbers may possibly be due to the low oxygen level in the mud of the River Usk which has inhibited the presence of wood-boring creatures.

Some time during its berth the port (left) side of the ship was cut down about 9 feet (2.7 metres) above the keel, but fortuitously this has preserved the correct shape of the hull.

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