Dating old wedding photos

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Give them enough time, but not too much time (there's nothing like a looming deadline to spur action! It's likely the level of tech know-how varies in your circles, so let your aunt know she can snail mail some of her favorite photos and you'll have them safely returned.

Then for your sister, tell her you accept texts, emails, Dropbox, Apple Photo Shared Albums, etc.

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We recommend getting a second pair of eyes from a family member to chime in on key dates or the stories behind these photos. If you're lucky, your family and friends can help you in digitizing those old photos that live across zip codes.

Simply find a well lit spot and start snapping (think natural light in a nearby window or well lit space).

Some photos take home in shoeboxes tucked away in a nearby closet. For my mom's 60th birthday, I set out to scan and digitize old photos to create a photo book for her.

Others live in dusty albums and in countless zip codes: your baby photos are split between the home where you grew up and a token few reside in your nightstand; your teenage years are caught up in a half-finished scrapbook; and the photo from your grandparents' wedding day has always been in dispute amongst your siblings. Below, I'm breaking down the entire process to get you from here to there.

Good news, folks: getting the photos in hand is the hardest part, so consider yourself on the home stretch! Familiarizing yourself with the photos from the get-go will help simplify the album design process.

When shuffling through your pile of photos – in print or otherwise – start pulling out the images that tell a story or make you feel something.

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