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Citizens of almost every country can obtain an e-Visa online for stays of up to 45 days in Tajikistan.All you need to do is enter the requested information then pay a fee of 50 USD by credit card and you will receive almost immediately the e Visa by email.The border area with Afghanistan is safe as well, but we do not recommend crossing the border for a trip into Afghanistan.Guests and locals are treated with respect and Tajikistan can be regarded as safe destination for travelers.You can print it out and use it just like an ordinary visa to enter the country.Please note, if you are planning to visit Pamir region, you need a GBAO permit, which you can purchase online, together with the e Visa, for an additional fee of USD 20.

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Mind you, Kalpak uses local resources and is responsible tourism. They make astonishing trips to Central Asia and are professional, serious and responsible. We are a couple of travellers, not young anymore, what we always found is efficiency, high knowledge of the territory and great response to our needs.We advise against all travel to the Gorno-Badakhshan region, including the city of Khorog, and the Kamarob Gorge in the Rasht region.Emergency assistance Because there is no Irish Embassy or Consulate in Tajikistan, we’re limited in the help we can offer you in an emergency.As soon as we receive the deposit payment for your tour, we will confirm your booking and send you an email with important pre-departure information.Please read it carefully as it contains important information on customs regulations for Tajikistan.

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