Dating site experiences

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Not sure what to do now; that was almost a year ago and in many ways it's nice not to be bothered with all the faff However, over on the dating thread, a man posted to say he'd been messaged by over enthusiastic women asking for/sending naked pics, so it clearly appeals to some. Sorry, I call bullshit women do not request pictures from men they don't know.Guys I know online dating have ever had that happen...ever!It was all too much of a faff and clarified that I was quite happy to be single (probably says more about me than the site).That being said, my oldest friend met her husband on there and they are blissfully happy. LNR, that's very interesting to know, as it was a toss up for me between Match and eharmony.I explained to him that this was too much for me too soon, that I had been out of the dating game for 20 years, and I wasn't used to this kind of stuff.He was apologetic and absolutely mortified; he couldn't get over having made an arse of himself, so we didn't see each other again.In the end though, the decision was made for me, as you have to be divorced to join eharmony!I'm separated, divorce in progress, but this wasn't enough!

You'd think it'd be an excellent way to match people up but seems not.I quite like Match for the freedom it gives you, in that you can browse anyone's profile. My first foray into the world of On-line dating and several people had told me it was one of the better sites to find some one decent.Granted I only joined in July but even so, there have been a stream of fuckwits!POF was good in my experience, just add some decent filters to weed out the dross."which culminated in him sending a photo of myself".

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