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Although not every adolescent who exhibits these traits will develop an addiction, it’s important to know the predictors so that drug abuse education and early intervention can be provided.

Additional adolescent traits that are associated with computer gaming addiction include: According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), risk factors increase the likelihood of negative consequences later in life, while protective factors decrease the likelihood.

Personality, which reflects the confluence of a number of individual traits, is one of these factors.

Genetics, for example, play a role in the development of an addiction.

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An “addictive personality” is a colloquial or informal term based on the belief that certain people have a particular set of personality traits that predisposes them to addiction and other problematic behaviors, such as drug abuse or gambling.

Although it is a fairly common concept, there is no medical or scientific definition of an “addictive personality” or “addictive personality disorder.” Addiction can be influenced by various factors in one’s life, including social environment, family, psychology, and biology.

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