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In this case, however, the “cloaker” — i.e., the rude dating partner — conceals himself/herself from any and all possible communication after standing up a date.

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BREADCRUMBING, BENCHING, AND OTHER MILLENNIAL DATING TERMS YOU NEED TO KNOWMashable confirmed that Thompson herself coined the phrase “cloaking,” a practice she likens to a person using a cloaking device to conceal themselves from sight.

Think of it as Harry Potter using the invisibility cloak, you can't see him anymore, and when you've been cloaked by someone, you can no longer see or speak to them either.

On the bright side, now that there is a dating term for someone doing this, singles can learn to recognize it and call someone out for it if they have to in order to inform others of the behavior.

Ever been in the position of dating someone for a while, but feeling insecure about where it’s going?

Cookie jarring is the somewhat insidious practice of keeping a ‘back-up’ partner – the rationale being that, if it doesn’t work out with your more longstanding partner, you have a fall-back option. He advises: “Give yourself time to get to know someone without the influence of anyone else and if things just don’t work out, then that’s okay – try to understand why and learn from it could give you valuable insight into what you are looking for in the next potential candidate for your affection. Someone who you are dating regularly and getting to know on a deeper level seems to fall off the face of the planet, avoiding calls and in-real-life contact, before re-emerging just as you think you are over them and acting as if nothing has happen.

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