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He is said to be "increasingly worried" by the stalker Coldplay singer Chris Martin has reportedly filed a restraining order against a female stalker who thinks she is dating the singer.The frontman’s stalker is said to believe that she is in a relationship with him and has been following the singer for “quite some time.” reports, the woman has been spotted at Martin’s US home on multiple occasions and is alleged to have “placed a package” inside the gate of his home.Remy also refused to apologize to a heartbroken Angel before walking away.Additionally, Remy told the crew that Mari messaged him frequently, talking about sexual things and meeting up alone.

Even though they talk on the phone every day, the couple video chatted one time, and all he showed was his forehead.

Finally, Mari broke down in tears and apologized to Angel.

Three months later, Angel admitted she no longer speaks to Mari because she has a pattern of doing the same things to her behind her back.

When Mari arrived, she denied speaking to Remy sexually and said he came on to her.

Schulman questioned her about the inappropriate pictures she sent Remy, but Mari claimed her ex-boyfriends had posted explicit photos of her before and he could have gotten them from anywhere.

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