Devil angels and dating

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In reality, the demon is not there in a specific part of the body but only influencing a specific organ within that moment.

If this is the way things are, do diabolical possessions and other spiritual evils exclude the presence of the Holy Spirit? The represented space within the human body is not empty or refillable the way that a glass can be refilled by and emptied of water.

And, let us note well, there are no age limits for sinning.

When I hear confessions, I often say to my penitents, somewhat jokingly, that their temptations will end only five minutes after they have exhaled their last breath.

God, in His infinite power, created multitudes of angels, an impressive, incalculable number.

One day during an exorcism Father Candido Amantini — a Passionist priest and my great teacher — asked a demon: “How many are you?

In this passage, the Bible tells us that Michael the Archangel was at the head of the angels and that the dragon guided the angels who rebelled (and were defeated). Only God — who is omniscient, who intimately possesses the secrets of created reality, that of men and angels, and that of uncreated reality, which is His own essence — knows in depth the thoughts of each man.

The result was that “there was no longer any place for them in heaven” (Rev. We have now arrived at the specific action of the devil, and we begin with the first question: Can the devil know our thoughts; is he able to understand what we are thinking at a certain moment in our life? Although a spiritual creature, the demon does not understand what is in our mind and in our heart; he can only surmise it through observing our behavior.

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The demon keeps his distance from the one who nurtures his faith, who frequents the sacraments, and who wishes to live devoutly. Simply put, the devil hates God and is in terror of Him and anything that even has the odor of sanctity.In the case of the demon and the Holy Spirit, the two rival entities can live together — obviously in conflict — in the same person.On the other hand, we know that diverse saints were possessed by bad spirits, even if evidently they were filled with the Holy Spirit.Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking some one to devour. It will be the targeted person himself, who in his liberty, will commit the sin, after having been well “cooked” by Satan’s temptation.The most frequent weak points in man are, from time to time, always the same: pride, money, and lust.

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