Diamond consolidating the third wave democracies v 1

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Hung-mao Tien is president of the Institute for National Policy Research in Taiwan and a policy advisor to President Lee Teng-hui.

South Korea and Taiwan / Yun-han Chu, Fu Hu & Chung-in Moon.This, he explains, is one which views democracy everywhere as a work in progress that emerges piecemeal, at different rates, in different ways and forms, in different countries.Diamond begins by assessing the "third wave" of global democratization that began in 1974.If new and troubled democracies are to be consolidated, Diamond argues, they must become more deeply democratic—more liberal, accountable, and responsive to their citizens.Drawing on extensive public opinion research in developing and postcommunist states, he demonstrates the importance of freedom, transparency, and the rule of law for generating the broad legitimacy that is the essence of democratic consolidation.

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