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The rapper and talk-show host were recently spotted together in a booth at a New Orleans bar, igniting rumors that they were dating.

Handler was quick to shut down speculation of a romance, tweeting late Wednesday that she had been meeting with 50 about a potential project.

Currently, she is living in her lavish house in Los Angeles, California. Height: She stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (160 cm).

As far as unexpected couples go, 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler are pretty high on the list.

And while he's pleading the fifth, he also describes what it's like to be yelled at by Beyonce.

Apparently, it's not terrible — Beyonce does not have bad breath. 50's reactions and responses definitely make him one of rap's quiet comedy kings, and now we also can all add "gator-wrestling" into our sexual thesauruses.

The same year, she portrayed the character of Ann in the TV series, in 2012.

Unable to find true love, Chelsea is currently single.

Chelsea is a supporter of Democratic Party and was a vocal supporter of the 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and was critical of her opponent Donald Trump.

So when 50 appeared on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, he talked about having sex with ex Chelsea Handler. And in case you were wondering, 50 claims he's never had sex with Kim Kardashian, but he did take her picture.

That response yields a laugh from the audience, given Kim's history with cameras.

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