Diggy dating married dating in longville minnesota

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Soon, the couples were flashed up in news saying that they were no longer dating each other.Again, in 2011, Diggy was spotted dating Jessica Jarrell who is a family friend of the Simons.Russell Simmons II Russell Simmons II, the youngest son of Joseph Simmons is also called as Russy and is named after his father’s elder brother, Russell Simmons.Russy is seen starring with his parents and younger sister on the show ‘Rev Runs around the World’ and also on the show ‘Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers’ on the Cooking Channel.Although they were expected to get married soon, within few months, some sources reported that the couples have broken up and were no longer dating each other.Talking about the current relationship, Diggy is no more dating anyone and is single.Besides music, he’s also seen as an actor in few American TV shows.In fact, he also launched his own two-hour television show ‘THE START UP’ starring himself.

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Although she is rarely noticed by people in televisions, she has been acting in few TV shows as a small role which usually goes unnoticed.

The relation seemed to have gone well for few months.

The very young talent is having a net worth of .75 million.

This is believed to be an admirable achievement by him at such young age.

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