Dublin sex chat lines

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Men think British and American young women are having an incredible amount of sex – 22 times a month in Britain, and 23 times a month in the US.

These guesses would be the equivalent of the average young woman having sex every weekday, plus two or three times on one special day each month. As with so many of our misperceptions, the explanations for this will be both how we think and what we’re told.

In fact, women claim to have had almost half the number of sexual partners as men.

This is one of the great conundrums of sexual behaviour measurement: it’s seen again and again in high quality sex surveys, but it’s a statistical impossibility.

3) ‘I’m looking for someone as judgmental and overbearing as my own mother, and you have a scowl on you that could defeat an army’. ’ Okay, this is a one night stand chat up line we can get behind.

OK, so maybe we give off the wrong vibe sometimes, but those men folk are so very simple. I’m going to want to send you a picture of a penis very, very soon’.

In fact, there were around 20 US men in our sample of 1,000 that went for numbers of 50 or (sometimes way) above, and that skews the data.

Our misperceptions reveal a lot about how we see the world.

Yet it is a hotbed of misperceptions, because unlike many other core human behaviours, where we can get a better idea of social norms from observation, sex mostly happens behind firmly closed doors (and the sex that is available for general viewing is not a fully accurate representation of the norm). LOL, I think we’ve all had one relationship spring from this old chestnut. 9) ‘You’re getting to that age now where you’re going to be too set in your ways to change all those annoying things about you and so I am, fancy a ride? 2) ‘I’ve looked it up and it’s okay for 2nd cousins, just not 1st cousins; so I’m in if you are’. But that’s not the most remarkable error in our guessing.Men are even more wildly wrong when they guess about young women’s sex lives, in both the US and Britain.

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