Estonian ladies dating

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However, over a ten-year period, this time has been reduced by 39 minutes for women, mainly due to household appliances: now it takes less time to prepare food, wash and iron clothes.Statistics indicate that an average Estonian resident has five and a half hours of free time per day. The free time is spent with pleasure on the computer with internet.Well, another reason - obesity, as mentioned above.It should be noted that sometimes Estonian can be rude, as is customary in America.If I were to go back only to a Baltic country, then that choice would be Estonia.Certainly, in recent years, girls have become increasingly reluctant to communicate, as the number of sex tourists from Finland and Britain has increased.

The Russian beauty you see on the street will probably be called Olga, Tatyana, Elena, Svetlana, Valentina, Irina, Galina, Natalia, Anna or Maria.Estonian women stand out once again favourably: with thin cheekbones and light blue eyes (more than 50% of the Estonian population has blue eyes), but I have to give the main prize to Lithuanian women.Their faces reminded me of Argentina with their cosmic beauty in their faces.It has been found, for example, that the presence of babies increases for our women, the time spent on household chores is much more important than for men.If the family has children under the age of seven, mothers spend about six hours a day at home and with the family, almost an hour and a half more than fathers.

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