Expiration dating of prepackaged medications

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Because patients are not aware of the pharmaceutical values within both generic and name brand medicines, it is your job to provide them an answer to their question.

Knowing the differences, between generic drugs and brand name drugs will help you explain them to your patients.

The effect of a drug refers to the change created when the medicine is taken. The FDA requires that generic drugs produce the exact same effects as the brand name drug.

Meaning, it must be comparable in results the patient will see when taking the medicine. Both generic drugs and brand name medicines must undergo and pass the same testing methods.

Generic drugs and brand medicines must be available in the same forms for consumption as brand name drugs.

Many doctors and pharmacies are choosing prepackaged medications due to the precise labeling and ease of use. However, only brand name medicines are required to update their warning labels each time a new risk or side effect is discovered. An expiration date does not mean the drug is no longer any good after that date.This saves your patients and insurance companies billions of dollars.Many of your patients have questions about the differences between generic medicines and brand name medicines.Those who are not using prepackaged medications may notice differences between generic and name brand packaging. It simply means that is the date a manufacturer can guarantee the full benefits of the medicine.Even though a medicine has an expiration date, it can sometimes still be effective for months, even years, after that date.

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