Failure to launch dating steps

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As our child grows, we, as parents, start to develop certain These are the emotions that tend to move us into caretaking mode.These emotions aren’t right or wrong; it just means they’re emotions you tend to feel strongly regarding your child.He looks online sometimes, but never follows through by calling a potential employer.He sleeps until the early afternoon, lays on the couch, eats his parents’ food and smokes all day—sometimes cigarettes; sometimes marijuana.Slug gets his PATM to spit out money by using the “Hope” PIN.He says he needs gas money to get to a job interview that never materializes into employment.The adult child still needs haircuts, clothes, gas money, a vehicle to drive, car and health insurance, medical services, a roof over their head and food to eat.There’s also cigarettes, make-up, movies to rent, games to play, cell phone and internet service. Where does the money come from when there’s no employment? Getting the parent to provide the money for these things becomes that adult child’s full time job. He’s broken multiple leases, which his parents had to pay for as co-signers.

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And, in fact, many of us remember our own childhood pain as we watch our children navigate their way in this world.Sometimes, teens or young adults think that having children is a rite of passage into adulthood.There’s often the belief that a child will love us unconditionally—and for those who’ve never really had that, a child can represent a powerful desire to experience such love.Some of us have more than one emotional button that our child learns to push over the years; if we don’t become aware of these buttons, they will continue to work for our child into their own adulthood.Many adult children who are having difficulty “launching” have learned to rely on one or both parents as their source of financial support.

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