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Many websites and catalogs (both online and physical) offer buy now, pay later payment options.Most commonly, stores will let you apply for a store credit card, but some offer other options like rent to own or leases.This period is usually six months to a year long, and consists of a set amount of monthly payments, but can vary.After the interest-free period is over, the store will usually charge you an additional monthly fee, a high interest rate, or some percentage of the item price in addition to the total cost of the item.Many buy now, pay later payment plans target people with less-than-perfect credit, and sometimes there’s no credit check required at all.

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We’ve organized this list of buy now, pay later retail stores by what they sell.Clothing stores often have store credit card as their buy now, pay later option, and we’ve written about several of them.If you’re interested in credit card programs only, see our article on clothing store credit cards to consider.Usually, you don’t own the item until you make the last payment — so you’ll want to note the repair and return policies that apply during the lease/rental period.You should also be aware that if you stop paying, the store could repossess the furniture.

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