Gta dating michelle updating table high processor utlization

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She claims she is not a local in Liberty City having arrived from the midwest.

Michelle likes being chauffeured in most cars, except vans and police cars.

To get her attention, Carl must have a fat level over 50% and a high sex appeal, although this can be skipped if the player has very high (about 90%) sex appeal or has collected all oysters.

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All you can do during this date is change the radio station and change the camera view.Michelle enjoys driving at fast speeds, which are easy to obtain due to the hilly roads around her area.Her favorite areas to drive are around Doherty and Garcia, but dislikes Queens and Chinatown.Once the nitro runs out, and goes through the recharge time, she will enable it again.If the player is already above 40% and the "Hot coffee" is already finished, Carl will respawn in the passenger seat of the vehicle that he and Michelle used for this date.

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