How to dress to be intimidating

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A man who wears light pink is seen as confident and in control.Because the colour was originally more feminine, a man that is comfortable to wear light pink is seen as bold, assertive and confident within himself.You asked, and I am answering every Friday once I have enough questions! In contrast, when I take the time to put on a bit of makeup, dress nicely, and THEN go out, I’m smiley. I was using a similar pseudonym on the other blogs because I don’t like revealing my name, but then it just got confusing (even to me) as I was replying, so I decided just go with my real name but not reveal my last name — Sherry. I felt like crap, went out feeling like crap, and basically tried to hide my face from the world.Red can also be very effective in social settings if you are single and wanting to attract attention to yourself.The colour red can affect our attention span and make others seem more attractive.On one hand, the colour red can signify confidence, self-assurance, authority, commitment, focus, passion and success.

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Between these two articles and videos, you will have considerable knowledge of how to choose colour combinations that align with the messages you wish to send and the objectives you aim to achieve in the workplace.

That’s just some very broad and general guidelines and we will now delve into more detail with specific colours and the conscious and unconscious messages that each of the colours could be sending, and my recommendations for the best times to wear each.

Blue is the first colour we will discuss and this includes all shades of blue.

If anything, they’ll just see a well-dressed, put together person and think – Long story short, WEAR WHAT YOU WANT that makes you feel good. Maybe everyone else will feel relieved and feel free to dress up a little too.

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