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A federal study made public in 2005 found that African Americans were twice as likely and Latinos were five times more likely to have their vehicles searched than whites. The awareness that there are differences between people that society judges to be important begins at a young age.

The likelihood of force being used against drivers was three times more likely with Latinos and Blacks than with White drivers. Foreign students from Arab countries were called upon for special questioning, and legal immigrants identified as Arab or Muslim were inspected for any illegal activity and were prosecuted for routine immigration violations (Schaefer, 2012, p. If a child’s friends and relatives say and do prejudiced things and they grow up around it, they will most likely turn out the same way. Retrieved from The University of Phoenix e Book Collection database.

And after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States misgivings about Muslims and Arabs in the U. Newspapers, books, movies, television, and the Internet are also all capable of teaching prejudice.

(This is also known as scapegoating.) Rather than accepting guilt for a failure, some people transfer the responsibility for that failure to a vulnerable group. Interpersonal communication: Relating to others (5th ed.). Intercultural Barriers in America • Which intercultural communication barrier is most prevalent in America today?The intercultural communication barrier that I believe is most prevalent in America today would be stereotyping and prejudice.Stereotyping makes people ignore the differences between others, as well.Then they end up thinking things about people that might not be true and make generalizations.

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