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Our most popular page is our Pakistani Chat Rooms Its a Free Pakistani Chat Room without Registration.Clockwise from top: Milad Tower seen from Qarb Town, northern Tehran seen from Ab-o-Atash Park, City Theater, Mount Tochal seen from Abrisham Bridge, Tabiat Bridge, Chitgar Lake, Golestan Palace, Ferdows Garden, and the Azadi Tower.) is the capital of Iran and Tehran Province.Rhages's modern-day inheritor, Ray, is a city located towards the southern end of Tehran, which has been absorbed into the metropolitan area of Greater Tehran.

English traveler Thomas Herbert entered Tehran in 1627, and mentioned it as Tyroan.

From Rhages, Darius I sent reinforcements to his father Hystaspes, who was putting down the rebellion in Parthia (Bistun 3, 1–10).

although modern historians generally place the birth of Zoroaster in Khorasan.

The growing social awareness of civil rights resulted in the Constitutional Revolution and the first constitution of Iran in 1906.

On June 2, 1907, the parliament passed a law on local governance known as the Baladie (municipal law), providing a detailed outline on issues such as the role of councils within the city, the members' qualifications, the election process, and the requirements to be entitled to vote.

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