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That clip garnered close to a million hits in two days. spectator sufficient times in replay, and who want to witness it over and over again in Windows Media.The site has similarly been a popular destination for those who didn’t see Ron Artest’s assault on an N. Clips like these have earned College its first links from such heavily read sites as the Drudge Report, which is to the world of Web sites what having your book promoted on “Oprah” is to the world of publishing. But it would be unfair to let this decade—the only decade we've existed—pass without honoring one single Douchebag who most embodied this decade's most lamentable traits. Though we've retired the term, we're bringing it back to identify the douche who was the douchiest. There was a time when Gawker threw around the term "Douchebag" with pride; indeed, we once created a retired the term at the end of last year.“People love to send in photographs of their refrigerators filled with beer,” Josh said.Also popular are photographs of beer-can mobiles hanging from dorm-room ceilings, and of beer cans incongruously placed around the foot of a potted plant, which is, in turn, incongruously placed in a men’s communal bathroom, and so on.Most of the girls they knew who’d moved to New York were not so much juggling lovers or purchasing fabulous designer clothes as struggling to get a job, or find an apartment.Instead, the four friends found themselves identifying with the four television characters.

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Eventually, they recruited Jakob, a student at Rochester Institute of Technology (whom Ricky and Josh met online, although he also grew up in Timonium), to help manage the site; Zach, a college friend of Ricky’s from Wake Forest, joined later.Hence the apartment, which is decorated, in only semi-ironic fashion, according to the College Humor guys’ idea of urban sophistication, with a mixture of purchases from stores in So Ho and from Bloomingdale’s.These include a leather couch; a dining table perpetually set with a runner, placemats, and napkins in napkin rings, in readiness for grand dinner parties of which they have so far had one; a piano on which Josh, who supplemented his income in high school with piano-bar appearances, is able to play the entire Beatles catalogue; and a cabinet filled with crystal wineglasses donated by Josh’s mother.The site came to dominate the waking hours of all four collaborators, whose formal educations were neglected.In certain instances, this was probably not a bad thing: the textbook used for one class in e-commerce that Josh took toward his degree, in finance, had been rendered obsolete by the dot-com crash of 2000; according to its calculations College should have been bringing in fifteen million dollars a month.

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