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To spell loanwords from other languages, especially from Danish and English, the additional letters "b", "c", "d", "h", "x", "y", "z", "w", "æ", "ø" and "å" are used.Ancient Maya Commoners THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK Ancient Maya Commoners edited by jon c. University of Texas Press Austin Copyright © 2004 by the University of Texas Press All rights reserved Printed in the United States of America First edition, 2004 Requests for permission to reproduce material from this work should be sent to Permissions, University of Texas Press, P. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Ancient Maya commoners / edited by Jon C. Archaeologists necessarily rely on theoretical models, sometimes using ethnographically or ethnohistorically based bridging arguments to provide humanistic explanations for these complex and dynamic processes. I have always been impressed with many of these procedures.The letters "ê" and "ô", used only before "r" and "q", are now written "er/eq" and "or/oq" in Greenlandic.(The vowels "e" and "o" are position-dependent phonemic variants of "i" and "u", as described in the discussion of "vowels" above.) The alphabet for Greenlandic is: A E G I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V.This spelling system, including the use of the letter Kʻ (kra), although abolished in Greenland in 1973, remains in use for the Nunatsiavummiutut dialect of Inuktitut, spoken in the Nunatsiavut region of northeastern Labrador.This scheme uses an acute accent ( acute ) to indicate vowel gemination ("i.e.", "á", "í", "ú" modern: "aa", "ii", "uu"), a tilde ( ~ ) or a grave accent ( ` ), depending on the author, indicates gemination of the consonant following ("e.g.", "ãt", "ĩt", "ũt" or "àt", "ìt", "ùt", modern: "att", "itt", "utt"), while a circumflex accent ( ^ ) indicates a sequence of a geminated vowel followed by geminated consonant ("e.g.", "ât/ît/ût", modern: "aatt", "iitt", "uutt").Additionally, Danish and English are spoken in Greenland, and the country has a 100% literacy rate. Before a uvular consonant (IPA| [q] or IPA| [ʁ] ) /i/ is realized allophonically as [e] or IPA| [ɛ] and /u/ as [o] or IPA| [ɔ] .

Greenlandic phonology distinguishes itself phonologically from the other Inuit languages by a series of assimilations.

Overview The Greenlandic language is an Eskimo-Aleut language spoken by the people of Greenland.

It is closely related to the Inuit languages in Canada, such as Inuktitut.

[ In addition, vowel and consonant gemination were indicated by means of diacritics on the vowels (in the case of consonant gemination, the diacritics were placed on the vowel preceding the affected consonant).

For example, the name "Kalaallit Nunaat" was spelled "Kalâlit Nunát".

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