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She likes to have all the attention on her and often chooses to rebel so people will notice her. Executive producer, Susan Bower said Natasha loves to gossip and wants to be a famous model.She often clashes with Summer Hoyland (Jordy Lucas), who is a feminist and quite the opposite to her.Natasha was introduced to Neighbours along with her father, Michael Williams (Sandy Winton) and she made her debut on-screen appearance on .Natasha has been described as spirited, rebellious and having a burning desire to rule the school.Natasha and Andrew work together to change the posters, so they are no longer revealing.

Natasha models for a Pirate Net advertising campaign, where she meets Andrew Robinson and Summer Hoyland.

Novakovic named this storyline as one of her favourites and said that Natasha and Andrew belong together as they bring out the worst in each other.

Their relationship led to a complex love triangle involving Summer and later saw Natasha faking a pregnancy to keep Andrew.

Michael starts dating Ruby Rogers (Yesse Spence) and Natasha tries to sabotage the relationship.

She reveals that she does not want to see Michael get hurt.

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