Kiwi fuck chat

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That tells excel to put the name, then a space, then the position.

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Forget the cold, forget the weird use of the word ‘pants’, the biggest shock for everyone arriving in London is the sudden and overwhelming lack of friends.

After a month or so, when no friends just magically appear out of the pavement, the shocked newbie-expats cry “but how do you make friends in London?

” Yes, turns out that 20 something years of life has not taught us anything about finding friends as grownups.

"Trying to get in free in all your shows, saying that your girl is beautiful, then trying to holler on the low." Bitches. The Lee Mvtthews boys are both in long-term deals with their missus', so maybe Sid's lyrics struck a chord? AND we reckon you'll get the exclusive first listen of a couple tracks we're certain they've got up their producer sleeves...

Lee Mvtthews are prolific, like good, Catholic women - only with dank beats instead of babies. READ MORE: George DJs dropped their 'See Ya See Ya Later' remix at Snow Ball, blowing Suzy Cato's GD mind READ MORE: This track will make you convulse, Justin Timberlake has never dropped so hard And if you're still here, why not check out Lee Mvtthews socials?

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